Cuckolds/ Cuckolding

Cuckolding is become more and more mainstream within the past few years. It leads us to wonder why. Is it because more men are becoming “feminine” and are secretly embarrassed about it? I could see that easily. Nothing gets cucks all leaky like the thought of a well endowed alpha male plowing his girl from behind while she gives him, her cucked hubby/bf/whatever, the occasional evil glance. But what if it’s more than that? What if cuckolding is more than just sex?

It’s such a foreign thought isn’t it? I mean cuckolding is all about the wife/gf having sex with anyone she chooses and hardly ever the guy she is in a relationship with but hear me out. What is cuckolding is about *gasp* emotions?! What if the cuck/sissy/chastity sub is secretly seeking a deeper connection? More on this hypothesis later.